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Chemical, biological and hydrological controls on the C-14 content of cold seep carbonate crusts: numerical modeling and implications for convection at cold seeps

G Aloisi, K Wallmann, RR Haese, JF Saliege



Understanding the hydrology of cold seep environments is crucial to perform accurate estimates of fluid and chemical fluxes at sedimentary wedges. Shallow convection processes may affect fluid flux estimates and could favor the destabilization of gas hydrate accumulations, increasing the sediment-ocean methane flux. Evidence for the occurrence of convection at cold seeps, however, is still limited. We use the concentration of 14C (D14C) in carbonate crusts formed at cold seeps of the eastern Mediterranean Sea as a tracer for convective recirculation of seawater-derived fluids. A numerical model is applied to investigate the controls on 14C incorporation in cold seep carbonates. Our simulatio..

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