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A review on the use of zeolites to create valuable paper products and paper-like adsorbent materials

Sigappi Narayanan, Warren Batchelor, Paul A Webley

Appita Journal | APPITA | Published : 2013


Zeolites are used for a range of applications ranging from fillers in paper for bulk, low cost applications to gas adsorbents and catalysts due to their microporous structures and high surface activity. Current adsorption technology uses zeolites in the form of beads or pellets for gas adsorption but has issues relating to increased energy consumption due to high pressure drop as well as low recovery due to mass transfer limitations. Novel non-particulate adsorbent structures have been developed to overcome these problems. These structured adsorbents unfortunately have very low loading of zeolite, thereby limiting their usefulness. In papermaking, zeolites are used as fillers primarily to im..

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