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The Miocene conifer flora of Balcombe Bay, Victoria, Australia

Emma K Lewis, Andrew N Drinnan

Australian Systematic Botany | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2013


Fossil conifers from an early Miocene flora at Balcombe Bay near Melbourne, Australia, are described and illustrated. The most prominent elements are Araucaria balcombensis Selling emend. R.S.Hill and Dacrycarpus mucronatus P.M.Wells & R.S.Hill, and several other unidentified podocarp leaves are represented. Ovuliferous cones of D. mucronatus are described, along with isolated araucarian microsporophylls and podocarp pollen cones – both with pollen in situ. The floristic elements are similar to Eocene–Oligocene flora described from Tasmania, and indicate that these floras extended to now mainland Australia and persisted into the Miocene. They are indicative of a wetter and warmer climate tha..

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