Journal article

Developmental kinetics, turnover, and stimulatory capacity of thymic epithelial cells

Daniel HD Gray, Natalie Seach, Tomoo Ueno, Morag K Milton, Adrian Liston, Andrew M Lew, Christopher C Goodnow, Richard L Boyd

BLOOD | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 2006


Despite the importance of thymic stromal cells to T-cell development, relatively little is known about their biology. Here, we use single-cell analysis of stromal cells to analyze extensive changes in the number and composition of thymic stroma throughout life, revealing a surprisingly dynamic population. Phenotypic progression of thymic epithelial subsets was assessed at high resolution in young mice to provide a developmental framework. The cellular and molecular requirements of adult epithelium were studied, using various mutant mice to demonstrate new cross talk checkpoints dependent on RelB in the cortex and CD40 in the medulla. With the use of Ki67 and BrdU labeling, the turnover of th..

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