Journal article

Targeting lymphocyte Peyer's patch adhesion molecule-1: A relay approach to gut immunization

BS McKenzie, AJ Corbett, JL Brady, JS Boyle, SP Rockman, AM Lew

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2005


Targeting vaccines to dendritic cells (DCs) can enhance responses to weak vaccine antigens. Although there are molecules that are relatively specific for the various DC subsets, there are none that are both region-specific and DC-specific. This has provided some limitation to targeting regional DC populations. We proposed that these limits could be overcome by targeting antigens not to the DC subsets directly but to cells that persistently seek out and closely interact with DCs, namely lymphocytes. To investigate this hypothesis, we targeted antigens to a unique population of gut-homing lymphocytes and then looked at the induction of immune responses at this site. Using an anti-LPAM-1 (Lymph..

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