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One-Step Assembly of Coordination Complexes for Versatile Film and Particle Engineering

Hirotaka Ejima, Joseph J Richardson, Kang Liang, James P Best, Martin P van Koeverden, Georgina K Such, Jiwei Cui, Frank Caruso



The development of facile and versatile strategies for thin-film and particle engineering is of immense scientific interest. However, few methods can conformally coat substrates of different composition, size, shape, and structure. We report the one-step coating of various interfaces using coordination complexes of natural polyphenols and Fe(III) ions. Film formation is initiated by the adsorption of the polyphenol and directed by pH-dependent, multivalent coordination bonding. Aqueous deposition is performed on a range of planar as well as inorganic, organic, and biological particle templates, demonstrating an extremely rapid technique for producing structurally diverse, thin films and caps..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

Supported by the Australian Research Council under Federation Fellowship FF0776078 (F. C.), Australian Laureate Fellowship FL120100030 (F. C.), Discovery Project DP0877360 (F. C.), Future Fellowship FT120100564 (G. K. S.), and Super Science Fellowship FS110200025 (J.C. and F. C.) schemes. H. E. thanks the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for a postdoctoral fellowship for research abroad. The data presented in this paper are given in the main text and in the supplementary materials. We thank X. Duan (Surface and Chemical Analysis Network, the University of Melbourne) for assistance with XPS analysis. The University of Melbourne has filed a provisional patent on the assembly process.