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Role for CCR7 Ligands in the emigration of newly generated T lymphocytes from the neonatal thymus

T Ueno, K Hara, MS Willis, MA Malin, UE Hopken, DHD Gray, K Matsushima, M Lipp, TA Springer, RL Boyd, O Yoshie, Y Takahama

Immunity | CELL PRESS | Published : 2002


Most T lymphocytes are generated within the thymus. It is unclear, however, how newly generated T cells relocate out of the thymus to the circulation. The present study shows that a CC chemokine CCL19 attracts mature T cells out of the fetal thymus organ culture. Another CC chemokine CCL21, which shares CCR7 with CCL19 but has a unique C-terminal extension containing positively charged amino acids, failed to show involvement in thymic emigration. Neonatal appearance of circulating T cells was defective in CCL19-neutralized mice as well as in CCR7-deficient mice but not in CCL21-neutralized mice. In the thymus, CCL19 is predominantly localized in the medulla including endothelial venules. The..

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