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Amelioration of thermal stress impacts in dairy cows

Frank R Dunshea, Brian J Leury, Fahri Fahri, Kristy DiGiacomo, Alex Hung, Surinder Chauhan, Iain J Clarke, Robert Collier, Stephen Little, Lance Baumgard, John B Gaughan

Animal Production Science | CSIRO Publishing | Published : 2013


Heat stress negatively impacts on a variety of animal production parameters. Advances in management strategies have alleviated some of the negative impacts of thermal stress on farm animals, but production continues to markedly decrease during heat events in summer, particularly in dairy cattle. In this paper we introduce a Dairy Risk Assessment Program (DRAP). The DRAP is a user-friendly software package designed to assist users in predicting heat loads in dairy cow herds. DRAP was developed over three Australian summers using climatic data (temperature, humidity, solar radiation and wind speed), cow production data (milk yield and milk quality), and physiological data (respiration rate and..

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