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Recognition of vitamin B metabolites by mucosal-associated invariant T cells

Onisha Patel, Lars Kjer-Nielsen, Jerome Le Nours, Sidonia BG Eckle, Richard Birkinshaw, Travis Beddoe, Alexandra J Corbett, Ligong Liu, John J Miles, Bronwyn Meehan, Rangsima Reantragoon, Maria L Sandoval-Romero, Lucy C Sullivan, Andrew G Brooks, Zhenjun Chen, David P Fairlie, James McCluskey, Jamie Rossjohn



The mucosal-associated invariant T-cell antigen receptor (MAIT TCR) recognizes MR1 presenting vitamin B metabolites. Here we describe the structures of a human MAIT TCR in complex with human MR1 presenting a non-stimulatory ligand derived from folic acid and an agonist ligand derived from a riboflavin metabolite. For both vitamin B antigens, the MAIT TCR docks in a conserved manner above MR1, thus acting as an innate-like pattern recognition receptor. The invariant MAIT TCR α-chain usage is attributable to MR1-mediated interactions that prise open the MR1 cleft to allow contact with the vitamin B metabolite. Although the non-stimulatory antigen does not contact the MAIT TCR, the stimulatory ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the staff of the Monash crystallization facility and the Australian Synchrotron for assistance with crystallization and data collection, respectively. This research was supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC). O.P. was supported by an ARC Future Fellowship; T. B. was supported by a Pfizer Australia Research Fellowship; J.J.M. was supported by an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship; D. P. F. was supported by an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellowship and J.R. was supported by an NHMRC Australia Fellowship.