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A genome-wide analysis of annexins from parasitic organisms and their vectors

Cinzia Cantacessi, Jennifer M Seddon, Terrence L Miller, Chiuan Yee Leow, Laetitia Thomas, Lyndel Mason, Charlene Willis, Giselle Walker, Alex Loukas, Robin B Gasser, Malcolm K Jones, Andreas Hofmann



In this study, we conduct an in-depth analysis of annexin proteins from a diverse range of invertebrate taxa, including the major groups that contain the parasites and vector organisms that are harmful to humans and domestic animals. Using structure-based amino acid sequence alignments and phylogenetic analyses, we present a classification for this protein group and assign names to sequences with ambiguous annotations in public databases. Our analyses reveal six distinct annexin clades, and the mapping of genes encoding annexins to the genome of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni supports the hypothesis of gene duplication as a major evolutionary event in annexin genesis. This study i..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge funding of our laboratories by the National Health and Medical Research Council (A.H., M.K.J., R.B.G.) and the Australian Research Council (A.H., R.B.G.). C.C. and A.L. are supported by an NHMRC early career and principal research fellowship, respectively. T.L.M. is supported by a Queensland Government Smart Futures Fellowship. C.Y.L. is supported by a Malaysian Government and Universiti Sains Malaysia ASTS scholarship.