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Predictors of Diabetes Self-care, Metabolic Control, and Mental Health in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes

Naomi J Hackworth, Victoria E Hamilton, Susan M Moore, Elisabeth A Northam, Zvezdana Bucalo, Fergus J Cameron



The purpose of this study was to explore the psychosocial predictors of diabetes self-care (adherence to care regimes), metabolic control (glycated haemoglobin), and mental health among rural- and urban-dwelling youth with type 1 diabetes. One hundred and twenty three adolescents/young adults (aged 13-25 years, mean = 16 years, standard deviation = 3.8 years) with type 1 diabetes, 50 males and 73 females, completed questionnaires reporting on diabetes self-care, metabolic control, mental health (negative affect, quality of life), risk-taking behaviours and attitudes, diabetes self-efficacy, community engagement, and perceived social support. No rural/urban differences were detected on key pr..

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