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Toward an understanding of vertical momentum transports in cloud-system-resolving model simulations of multiscale tropical convection

TA Shaw, TP Lane

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences | American Meteorological Society | Published : 2013


This study examines the characteristics of convective momentum transport (CMT) and gravity wave momentum transport (GWMT) in two-dimensional cloud-system-resolving model simulations, including the relationships between the two transports. A linear group velocity criterion is shown to objectively separate CMT and GWMT. TheGWMTcontribution is mostly consistent with upward-propagating gravity waves and is present in the troposphere and the stratosphere. The CMT contribution forms a large part of the residual (nonupward-propagating contribution) and dominates the fluxes in the troposphere. Additional analysis of the vertical sensible heat flux supports the physical interpretation of the two cont..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Dr. F. Zhang and Dr. M. Moncrieff for helpful discussions and three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments. TAS gratefully acknowledges support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. TPL was supported by the Australian Research Council's Future Fellowships (FT0990892) and Centre of Excellence (CE110001028) schemes.