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Prediction of spontaneous preterm labour in at-risk pregnant women

Stella Liong, Megan KW Di Quinzio, Gabrielle Fleming, Michael Permezel, Gregory E Rice, Harry M Georgiou



The ability to recognise women who are at-risk of preterm labour (PTL) is often difficult. Over 50% of women who are identified with factors associated with an increased risk of preterm birth will ultimately deliver at term. The cervicovaginal fluid (CVF) comprises a range of proteins secreted by gestational tissues, making it an ideal candidate for the screening of differentially expressed proteins associated with PTL. CVF samples were collected from at-risk asymptomatic women. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis techniques were used to examine the CVF proteome of women who spontaneously delivered preterm 11-22 days later compared with gestation-matched women who delivered at term. Five can..

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