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Squeezing the most out of existing literature: a systematic re-analysis of published evidence on ecological responses to altered flows

J Angus Webb, Kimberly A Miller, Elise L King, Siobhan C de Little, Michael J Stewardson, Julie KH Zimmerman, N Leroy Poff



Human-induced changes in river flow regimes are ubiquitous worldwide. Although numerous case studies have identified negative ecological impacts of changes in different aspects of flow regimes (e.g. magnitude, timing), there have been few attempts to systematically review this literature to derive general relationships regarding ecological responses to changes in flow regimes. Systematic literature reviews can inform science and management in ecologically complex systems not amenable to experimentation. However, such analysis of existing literature is often limited by inconsistent study design and data reporting. To attempt to overcome these difficulties, we used the recently developed Eco E..

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