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Effects of different systems of feeding supplements on time budgets of cows grazing restricted pasture allowances

Anoma D Hetti Arachchige, Andrew D Fisher, Martin J Auldist, William J Wales, Ellen C Jongman



Farm systems that use a feed-pad for delivering mixed-rations to dairy cows are becoming more common in countries with primarily pasture-based dairy systems, such as Australia. However, feeding a ration on a feed-pad may alter cows' key daily behaviours such as grazing, ruminating and resting, due to extended time off-pasture. The objective of this study was to compare the time budget of multiparous grazing cows fed partial mixed-rations (PMR) on a feed-pad with that of cows fed supplements during milking and in the paddock (Control). A total of 16 groups of early-lactation, Holstein-Friesian dairy cows consisting of eight cows per group were randomly assigned to each of two dietary treatmen..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to G. Morris, A. McDonald, D. Clarkson, M. Norman, N. Gleeson and DPI-Ellinbank farm staff for cow feeding and husbandry. The assistance from B. Schirmer, A. Naththarampatha, M. Conley, C. van Oostveen and L. Edwards during the cow observations is gratefully acknowledged. The authors wish to thank Murray Hannah from DPI, Ellinbank Centre for statistical advice throughout this study. This study was co-funded by DPI-Victoria, University of Melbourne and Dairy Australia.