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Extremum-seeking control of a supercritical carbon-dioxide closed Brayton cycle in a direct-heated solar thermal power plant

Rajinesh Singh, Michael P Kearney, Chris Manzie



One promising avenue for the development of next generation CST (Concentrating Solar Thermal) technology focuses on the use of a direct-heated sCO2 (supercritical-CO2) CBC (closed Brayton cycle) as the generator power cycle. Initial investigations into such a CST plant, while promising, have found its power output and efficiency to be sensitive to fluctuations in solar heat input and ambient temperature over a day and between seasons. Given the difficulty in developing complete models across all operating conditions due to non-linearities in CO2 properties, an extremum-seeking controller is proposed to maximise the power output of the CBC as the solar heat input and cooling-air temperatures ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Sarah Miller of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) Energy Technology Division for solar field and energy output data. This study was supported by the Queensland State Government and the University of Queensland.