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Using uncertainty analysis and groundwater measurements to improve the confidence of river water balance estimates

R Adams, JF Costelloe, AW Western, B George



An improved understanding of water balances of rivers is fundamental in water resource management. Effective use of a water balance approach requires thorough identification of sources of uncertainty around all terms in the analysis and can benefit from additional, independent information that can be used to interpret the accuracy of the residual term of a water balance. We use a Monte Carlo approach to estimate a longitudinal river channel water balance and to identify its sources of uncertainty for a regulated river in south-eastern Australia, assuming that the residual term of this water balance represents fluxes between groundwater and the river. Additional information from short term mo..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The Farms Rivers and Markets Project is an initiative of Uni-water and funded by the (Australian) National Water Commission, the Victorian Water Trust, The Dookie Farms 2000 Trust (Tallis Trust) and The University of Melbourne. The project is supported by the Departments of Sustainability and Environment and Primary Industries, the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Goulburn-Murray Water. We wish to thank the three reviewers for their helpful and constructive comments that substantially improved this paper.