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Chronic Administration of the Methylxanthine Propentofylline Impairs Reinstatement to Cocaine by a GLT-1-Dependent Mechanism

Kathryn J Reissner, Robyn M Brown, Sade Spencer, Phuong K Tran, Charles A Thomas, Peter W Kalivas



In recent years, interactions between neurons and glia have been evaluated as mediators of neuropsychiatric diseases, including drug addiction. In particular, compounds that increase expression of the astroglial glutamate transporter GLT-1 (N-acetylcysteine and ceftriaxone) can decrease measures of drug seeking. However, it is unknown whether the compounds that influence broad measures of glial physiology can influence behavioral measures of drug relapse, nor is it clear whether the upregulated GLT-1 is functionally important for suppressing of drug seeking. To address these questions, we sought to determine whether the glial modulator and neuroprotective agent propentofylline (PPF) modifies..

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