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A Bayesian Classifier for Learning from Tensorial Data

W Liu, JK Chan, J Bailey, CA Leckie, F Chen, R Kotagiri

Lecture Notes in Computer Science | Springer Verlag | Published : 2013


Traditional machine learning methods characterize data observations by feature vectors, where an entry of a vector denotes a scalar feature value of a data instance. While this data representation facilitates the application of conventional machine learning algorithms, in many cases it is not the best way of extracting all useful information from the data observations. In this paper we relax the (often unstated) assumption of vectorizing features of data instances, and allow a more natural representation of the data in a tensor format. Tensors are multi-mode (aka multi-way) arrays, of whom vectors (i.e., one-mode tensors) and matrices (i.e., two-mode tensors) are special cases. We show that ..

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