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Reading into neuronal oscillations in the visual system: implications for developmental dyslexia

Trichur R Vidyasagar



While phonological impairments are common in developmental dyslexia, there has recently been much debate as to whether there is a causal link between the phonological difficulties and the reading problem. An alternative suggestion has been gaining ground that the core deficit in dyslexia is in visual attentional mechanisms. If so, the visual aetiology may be at any of a number of sites along the afferent magnocellular pathway or in the dorsal cortical stream that are all essential for a visuo-spatial attentional feedback to the primary visual cortex. It has been suggested that the same circuits and pathways of top-down attention used for serial visual search are used for reading. Top-down si..

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Funding Acknowledgements

I thank Ashika Verghese for helpful discussions and Sivaram Viswanathan for help with the illustrations. I also thank one of the referees whose query about non-alphabetic languages such as Chinese led me to the serendipitous observation that the parsing of elementary features in every language may be at the low gamma range. My experimental work cited in this paper was supported by grants from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council.