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Environmental considerations for subseabed geological storage of CO2: A review

AG Carroll, R Przeslawski, LC Radke, JR Black, K Picard, JW Moreau, RR Haese, S Nichol



Many countries are now using or investigating offshore geological storage of CO2 as a means to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions. Although associated research often focuses on deep-basin geology (e.g. seismic, geomagnetics), environmental data on the seabed and shallow subseabed is also crucial to (1) detect and characterise potential indicators of fluid seeps and their potential connectivity to targeted storage reserves, (2) obtain baseline environmental data for use in future monitoring, and (3) acquire information to facilitate an improved understanding of ecosystem processes for use in impact prediction. This study reviews the environmental considerations, including potential ecological i..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was undertaken as part of the Australian Government's National Low Emission Coal Initiative (NLECI). R.R.H, J.R.B and J.W.M thank the CO2CRC for sponsoring their contribution to this study and acknowledge the funding provided by the Commonwealth of Australia through the CRC Program. The authors wish to thank the two anonymous reviewers, the editor Dr Brian Todd and Drs Takehiko (Riko) Hashimoto and Johnathan Kool (Geoscience Australia) for their constructive comments on the manuscript. This paper is published with the permission of the Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia.