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In search of a conservation ethic

A Salim, MA Brocklesby, AM Tiani, B Tchikangwa, MA Sardjono, R Porro, J Woelfel, CJ Pierce Colfer

People Managing Forests: The Links between Human Well-Being and Sustainability | Resources for the Future | Published : 2010


As in Chapter 5, we do not try to specify how closely linked people’s perceptions are to their actions, even though this issue will have obvious ramifications for sustainable forest management (SFM). The attempt to address the issues reported here involved the use of cognitive mapping. We reasoned that a conservation ethic would have to involve a cognitive element. An accurate measurement of people’s perceptions relating to forests might help us better define the idea of a conservation ethic. We chose the Galileo multidimensional scaling method as a measurement instrument (described in the Introduction; see also Chapter 5). One of its strengths (the use of local concepts) is also one of its ..

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