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A kinetic study of CO₂capture with potassium carbonate solutions promoted with various amino acids: Glycine, sarcosine and proline

H Thee, NJ Nicholas, KH Smith, G da Silva, SE Kentish, GW Stevens

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control | Elsevier Ltd | Published : 2014


The absorption kinetics of carbon dioxide (CO2) into amino acid promoted potassium carbonate (K2CO3) solutions has been studied using a wetted-wall column. Experiments were conducted under conditions resembling those found at industrial CO2 capture plants including concentrations up to 2.0M and temperatures from 40 to 82°C. Results presented here show that the addition of 1.0M glycine, sarcosine and proline accelerates the overall rate of absorption of CO2 into a 30wt% K2CO3 solvent by a factor of 22, 45 and 14, respectively, at 60°C. The Arrhenius expressions for the reaction between CO2 and aforementioned amino acids are k2-Gly [M-1s-1]=1.22×1012exp(-5434/T [K]), k2-Sar [M-1s-1]=6.24×1010e..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge the financial support provided by the Australian Government through its Cooperative Research Center program for this CO<INF>2</INF>CRC research project. Infrastructure support from the Particulate Fluids Processing Center (PFPC), a Special Research Center of the Australian Research Council is also gratefully acknowledged.