Jones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Management: Sixth Edition

JM Hutson, M O'Brien, AA Woodward, SW Beasley

Published : 2009


This unique book applies a systematic approach to explain the role of surgery in treating childhood diseases. Throughout the book key subject areas are supported by case vignettes as well as high quality photographs and illustrations. Building on the successful style of previous editions, this sixth edition of Jones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery is substantially revised exploring fundamental topics such as: Neonatal Emergencies. Head and Neck. Abdomen. Abdominal Mass. Urinary Tract. Trauma. Orthopaedics. Chest. Skin/Soft Tissues. Jones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery provides paediatricians and surgeons with a straightforward and clear explanation of the surgical options available for the care o..

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