Journal article

The TACI Receptor Regulates T-Cell-Independent Marginal Zone B Cell Responses through Innate Activation-Induced Cell Death

William A Figgett, Kirsten Fairfax, Fabien B Vincent, Melanie A Le Page, Indzi Katik, Devy Deliyanti, Shie Quah Pin, Pali Verma, Raelene Grumont, Steve Gerondakis, Paul Hertzog, Lorraine A O'Reilly, Andreas Strasser, Fabienne Mackay

Immunity | CELL PRESS | Published : 2013


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank C. Mackay, R. Brink, and S. Jane for critical reading of the manuscript; C. Brownlee and BTF staff (Garvan Institute), G. Paulkovics, J. Le Masurier (Monash AMREP flow cytometry), D. Saulep-Easton, M. Taylor, A. Lin, and R. Piganis for technical assistance; and S. Cody and I. Carmichael (Monash Micro Imaging). F. M., A. S., P. H., K. F., L.A.O'R., and S. G. are supported by grants and fellowships from the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America and operational infrastructure grants through the Australian Government IRISS and the Victorian State Government OIS.