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BH3-only protein Noxa contributes to apoptotic control of stress-erythropoiesis

Felix M Wensveen, Christian R Geest, Sten FWM Libregts, Ingrid AM Derks, Paul G Ekert, Verena Labi, Andreas Villunger, Martijn A Nolte, Eric Eldering

APOPTOSIS | SPRINGER | Published : 2013


Apoptosis plays an essential role in the control of erythropoiesis under normal and pathological conditions. However, the contribution of individual proteins within cell death signalling pathways remains poorly defined. Here, we investigated the role of the pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member Noxa in the regulation of erythropoiesis. We found that expression of Noxa is induced during erythroid differentiation of human and murine precursor cells. Using in vitro model systems for erythroid progenitors, we observed rapid induction of Noxa upon cytokine deprivation. Knockdown or deletion of Noxa conferred significant protection against apoptosis upon cytokine withdrawal. In vivo, Noxa deficiency d..

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