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Inosine Triphosphatase Genetic Variants are Protective Against Anemia During Antiviral Therapy for HCV2/3 But Do Not Decrease Dose Reductions of RBV Or Increase SVR

Alexander J Thompson, Rosanna Santoro, Valeria Piazzolla, Paul J Clark, Susanna Naggie, Hans L Tillmann, Keyur Patel, Andrew J Muir, Kevin V Shianna, Leonardo Mottola, Daniela Petruzzellis, Mario Romano, Fernando Sogari, Domenico Facciorusso, David B Goldstein, John G McHutchison, Alessandra Mangia

Hepatology | WILEY | Published : 2011



Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Duke Clinical Research Institute (Alexander J. Thompson and Paul J. Clark), the Richard B. Boebel Family Fund (Alexander J. Thompson and Paul J. Clark), the Gastroenterology Society of Australia (Alexander J. Thompson and Paul J. Clark), the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (Alexander J. Thompson), and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Alexander J. Thompson).Dr. Thompson advises Roche and Merck; he also serves on the speaker's bureau of Merck. Dr. Thompson receives travel grants from Gilead. Dr. Naggie advises Vertex. Dr. Goldstein consults for Abbott and receives grants from GSK. Dr. McHutchison owns intellectual property rights in IL2bB and receives royalties on testing. Dr. McHutchison consults fir, advises, serves on the speaker's bureau of and receives grants from Merck/Schering.