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Overcoming barriers to physical activity among culturally and linguistically diverse older adults: A randomised controlled trial

Karen Borschmann, Kirsten Moore, Melissa Russell, Kay Ledgerwood, Emma Renehan, Xiaoping Lin, Colin Brown, Jasmine Sison

Australasian Journal on Ageing | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2010


AIM: To investigate by randomised trial, health professional facilitated sessions aiming to overcome barriers to physical activity (PA), improve readiness to undertake PA, increase PA participation and improve fitness among older Australian adults from Macedonian and Polish backgrounds. METHOD: One hundred and twenty-one participants (mean age 70 years, 63% female) were block randomised to the intervention group (three one-hour group education and goal setting sessions over 7 weeks) or control group (one-hour health promotion talk) following baseline assessment, with reassessment approximately 9 weeks later. RESULTS: No significant differences were found between experimental groups in primar..

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