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Do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi recolonize revegetated grasslands?

P Gibson-Roy, C Mclean, JC Delpratt, G Moore

Ecological Management and Restoration | Published : 2014


Summary: Fifteen native and common exotic herbaceous species from four functional groups (C4 grass, C3 grass, chamaephyte and hemicryptophyte) occurring within remnant and revegetated grassland and grassy woodlands were sampled for evidence of structures associated with functioning arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) from across a broad geographical range of central and south-western Victoria, Australia. Revegetated communities had been established on ex-agricultural land by direct seeding. They included sites that had been kept fallow with herbicide for up to 3 years prior to seeding and those from which topsoil had been removed (scalped) to a depth of 100 mm prior to seeding. Structures ass..

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