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Sixty-Five Years Since the New York Heat Wave: Advances in Sweat Testing for Cystic Fibrosis

Jake TB Collie, R John Massie, Oliver AH Jones, Vicky A LeGrys, Ronda F Greaves

Pediatric Pulmonology | WILEY | Published : 2014


The sweat test remains important as a diagnostic test for cystic fibrosis (CF) and has contributed greatly to our understanding of CF as a disease of epithelial electrolyte transport. The standardization of the sweat test, by Gibson and Cooke [Gibson and Cooke (1959) Pediatrics 1959;23:5], followed observations of excessive dehydration amongst patients with CF and confirmed the utility as a diagnostic test. Quantitative pilocarpine iontophoresis remains the gold standard for sweat induction, but there are a number of collection and analytical methods. The pathophysiology of electrolyte transport in sweat was described by Quinton [Quinton (1983) Nature 1983;301:421-422], and this complemented..

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