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The prognosis of common mental disorders in adolescents: a 14-year prospective cohort study

George C Patton, Carolyn Coffey, Helena Romaniuk, Andrew Mackinnon, John B Carlin, Louisa Degenhardt, Craig A Olsson, Paul Moran



BACKGROUND: Most adults with common mental disorders report their first symptoms before 24 years of age. Although adolescent anxiety and depression are frequent, little clarity exists about which syndromes persist into adulthood or resolve before then. In this report, we aim to describe the patterns and predictors of persistence into adulthood. METHODS: We recruited a stratified, random sample of 1943 adolescents from 44 secondary schools across the state of Victoria, Australia. Between August, 1992, and January, 2008, we assessed common mental disorder at five points in adolescence and three in young adulthood, commencing at a mean age of 15.5 years and ending at a mean age of 29.1 years. A..

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