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Analysis of Retina and Erythrocyte Glycerophospholipid Alterations in a Rat Model of Type 1 Diabetes

Todd A Lydic, Rebecca Renis, Julia V Busik, Gavin E Reid



An automated tandem mass spectrometry based analysis employing precursor ion and neutral loss scans in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer has been employed to identify and quantify changes in the abundances of glycerophospholipids extracted from retina and erythrocytes in a rat streptozotocin model of type 1 diabetes, 6 weeks and 36 weeks following induction of diabetes, compared to age matched nondiabetic controls. The utility of an 'internal standard' method compared to an 'internal standard free' method for quantification of differences in the abundances of specific lipid ions was evaluated in both retina and erythrocyte lipid extracts. In retina, equivalent results were obtained by us..

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