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Transcriptional Wiring of Cell Wall-Related Genes in Arabidopsis

Marek Mutwil, Colin Ruprecht, Federico M Giorgi, Martin Bringmann, Bjoern Usadel, Staffan Persson

Molecular Plant | CELL PRESS | Published : 2009


Transcriptional coordination, or co-expression, of genes may signify functional relatedness of the corresponding proteins. For example, several genes involved in secondary cell wall cellulose biosynthesis are co-expressed with genes engaged in the synthesis of xylan, which is a major component of the secondary cell wall. To extend these types of analyses, we investigated the co-expression relationships of all Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes (CAZy)-related genes for Arabidopsis thaliana. Thus, the intention was to transcriptionally link different cell wall-related processes to each other, and also to other biological functions. To facilitate easy manual inspection, we have displayed these interac..

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