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Which infants with eczema are at risk of food allergy? Results from a population-based cohort

PE Martin, JK Eckert, JJ Koplin, AJ Lowe, LC Gurrin, SC Dharmage, P Vuillermin, MLK Tang, A-L Ponsonby, M Matheson, DJ Hill, KJ Allen



BACKGROUND: The relationship between early onset eczema and food allergy among infants has never been examined in a population-based sample using the gold standard for diagnosis, oral food challenge. OBJECTIVE: We characterised the risk of challenge-proven food allergy among infants with eczema in the general population. METHODS: One-year-old infants (n = 4453 meeting criteria for this analysis) were assessed for history of eczema, received a nurse-administered eczema examination and underwent skin prick testing to peanut, egg and sesame. Those with a detectable wheal to one of the test foods underwent an oral food challenge irrespective of wheal size. The risk of food allergy, stratified by..

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Awarded by NHMRC Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is funded by NHMRC Australia (APP491233), the Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation, AnaphylaxiStop, ALK Abello, S.A. Madrid, Espana, the Charles and Sylvia Viertel Medical Research Fellowship awarded to Katie Allen and the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program.