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Examining commute routes: applications of GIS and GPS technology.

Hannah M Badland, Mitch J Duncan, Melody Oliver, J Scott Duncan, Suzanne Mavoa

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine | Published : 2010


OBJECTIVE: The application of geographic information systems (GIS) to describe commute route elements is commonplace, yet the accuracy of GIS-estimated commute routes is not clear. This study compared GIS-estimated commute routes against actual routes traveled as measured using global positioning systems (GPS) to examine differences in urban form surrounding travel routes across different buffer sizes and travel modes. METHODS: Thirty-seven adults from Auckland, New Zealand participated in the study between January and March 2008. Participants wore GPS units and completed a travel log for 7 days. GPS data were integrated into a GIS database to ascertain commute routes. RESULTS: Overall, 29 c..

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