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Lifespan of mountain ranges scaled by feedbacks between landsliding and erosion by rivers

David L Egholm, Mads F Knudsen, Mike Sandiford

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2013


An important challenge in geomorphology is the reconciliation of the high fluvial incision rates observed in tectonically active mountain ranges with the long-term preservation of significant mountain-range relief in ancient, tectonically inactive orogenic belts. River bedrock erosion and sediment transport are widely recognized to be the principal controls on the lifespan of mountain ranges. But the factors controlling the rate of erosion and the reasons why they seem to vary significantly as a function of tectonic activity remain controversial. Here we use computational simulations to show that the key to understanding variations in the rate of erosion between tectonically active and inact..

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Funding Acknowledgements

D. L. E. acknowledges funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research under the Sapere Aude programme. M. F. K. acknowledges funding from the Carlsberg Foundation and the Villum Foundation. M. S. acknowledges funding from ARC DP110104098 and AISRF.