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The arch of scipio africanus

RT Ridley

Classical Philology | The Universiry of Chicago Press | Published : 2014


A note in livy (37.3.7) under the year 190 offers the following information: Here, in fewer than thirty words, is our only reference to this monument erected by the most famous Roman of his generation. Scipio Africanus was about to accompany his brother Lucius, commander against Antiochos, to Asia. He himself had celebrated a triumph in 201 for his victory over Hannibal, the Carthaginians, and King Syphax (Polyb. 16.25.5; Livy 30.45). There are many studies of the history of the arch at Rome: by Otto Puchstein, Christian Huelsen, Arthur Frothingham, C. Densmore Curtis, Friedrich Noack, Heinz Kahler, Guido Mansuelli, Massimo Pallottino, and Sandro De Maria. 1 The main focus of these studies, ..

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