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Evolution of mesoscopic granular clusters in comminution systems: a structural mechanics model of grain breakage and force chain buckling

Antoinette Tordesillas, Enlong Liu



A major scientific challenge in establishing a micromechanics theory for complex materials is the characterisation and modelling of emergent mesoscopic phenomena. This study demonstrates the key elements of a structural mechanics approach to the modelling of mesoscopic dissipative phenomena in comminution systems where grain breakage and force chain buckling coexist. Given the many degrees of freedom in these systems, there are multitude of possible configurations and configurational transitions accessible even for a small particle cluster (e.g. a particle and its immediate neighbours). Here, we develop a model of the evolution of a 6-particle cluster undergoing breakage and force chain buck..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by US Army Research Office

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Dr. Jingyu Shi for many useful discussions and proof-reading of the manuscript, and Mr. Almie Alias for assistance in the preparation of this manuscript. This study was supported by the Australian Research Council (Discovery Projects DP0986876 and DP120104759), the Melbourne Energy Institute, and the US Army Research Office (Single Investigator Award W911NF-11-1-0175).