Journal article

Direct repression of MYB by ZEB1 suppresses proliferation and epithelial gene expression during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells

Honor J Hugo, Lloyd Pereira, Randy Suryadinata, Yvette Drabsch, Thomas J Gonda, NPA Devika Gunasinghe, Cletus Pinto, Eliza TL Soo, Bryce JW van denderen, Prue Hill, Robert G Ramsay, Boris Sarcevic, Donald F Newgreen, Erik W Thompson

Breast Cancer Research | BMC | Published : 2013


Funding Acknowledgements

HJH was supported by a National Breast Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Training Fellowship; and EWT and HJH were supported also by the Cancer Council of Victoria; NPADG was supported by The Australian Government's Endeavour Awards Scholarship Program; BvD and ETLS were supported by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia) and Cancer Australia; EWT, DFN, TJG and CP are active members of the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network, a National Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia)-funded National Collaborative Research Program. This study benefited from support by the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program to St. Vincent's Institute and Murdoch Children's Research Institute.