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The TPLATE Adaptor Complex Drives Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis in Plants

Astrid Gadeyne, Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez, Steffen Vanneste, Simone Di Rubbo, Henrik Zauber, Kevin Vanneste, Jelle Van Leene, Nancy De Winne, Dominique Eeckhout, Geert Persiau, Eveline Van De Slijke, Bernard Cannoot, Leen Vercruysse, Jonathan R Mayers, Maciek Adamowski, Urszula Kania, Matthias Ehrlich, Alois Schweighofer, Tijs Ketelaar, Steven Maere Show all

Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2014

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Marie-Curie Initial Training Network BRAVISSIMO

Awarded by National Science Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Wim Grunewald (VIB/UGent, Belgium), Niko Geldner (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Satoshi Naramoto and Masaru Fujimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan), Inhwan Hwang (Pohang University, Korea), Gerd Jurgens (Tubingen University, Germany), and Christian Luschnig (Vienna University, Austria) for sharing materials; Mansour Karimi and Riet De Rycke (VIB/University of Ghent, Belgium) for vector cloning and IEM attempts; and Luis Vidali (Worchester Polytechnic Institute, USA) for constructive discussions. A. G. was indebted to the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology for a predoctoral fellowship. S. P. and C. S. R were funded through the Max-Planck Gesellschaft. K. V., S. V., J.V.L. and S. M. are fellows of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO). S. D. R. was funded by the Marie-Curie Initial Training Network BRAVISSIMO (PITN-GA-2008-215118). J.R.M and S.Y.B were supported by the National Science Foundation (1121998) (S.Y.B.). Part of this work was carried out using the Stevin Supercomputer Infrastructure at Ghent University, funded by Ghent University, the Hercules Foundation, and the Flemish Government-department EWI. We apologize to colleagues whose work could not be cited due to space limitations.