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An idealised assessment of Townsend's outer-layer similarity hypothesis for wall turbulence

D Chung, JP Monty, A Ooi

Journal of Fluid Mechanics | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2014


Direct numerical simulations of turbulent channel flow at the matched friction Reynolds number of 590, comparing the effect of no-slip versus shear-stress boundary conditions, reveal that the outer flow of wall turbulence, in accord with Townsend's outer-layer similarity hypothesis, remains largely independent of the viscous sublayer. First-and second-order statistics, including spectra, agree closely from the buffer region out to the centre of the channel. Higher-order statistics also appear to obey the hypothesised similarity, although the influence of boundary conditions is more pronounced than in the lower-order statistics. The statistical agreement in the outer layer, in spite of the st..

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