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Spatio-temporal epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease in two counties of Great Britain in 2001

JW Wilesmith, MA Stevenson, CB King, RS Morris



The spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal features of the 2001 British foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in selected areas within the counties of Cumbria and Devon, which experienced the greatest incidence of disease, are described using hazard functions, extraction mapping and the space-time K-function. In Cumbria, the hazard of foot-and-mouth disease infection peaked at 2.8% in the week commencing 8 March 2001 and farm holdings in this area continued to be identified with disease to 12 September 2001. In contrast, peak infection hazard in Devon was 0.7% in the week commencing 15 March 2001 and eradication of the disease was achieved in this area by 31 May 2001. Persistence of the disease in..

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