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The present and future disease burden of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection with today's treatment paradigm

H Razavi, I Waked, C Sarrazin, RP Myers, R Idilman, F Calinas, W Vogel, MC Mendes Correa, C Hezode, P Lazaro, U Akarca, S Aleman, I Balik, T Berg, F Bihl, M Bilodeau, AJ Blasco, CE Brandao Mello, P Bruggmann, M Buti Show all

Journal of Viral Hepatitis | WILEY | Published : 2014


Awarded by National Institute for Health Research

Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to Daniela De Angelis, Ross Harris and Helen Harris at Public Health England for providing us with their calculated HCV progression rates prior to publication. Their progression rates by age cohort were instrumental in developing our estimates. We would also like to thank Rosie Thein for spending time with us discussing her elegant model for HCV progression rate. We would not have been able to get here without her help and guidance. Sylvie Deuffic-Burban, Henri Leleu and Martin Blachier were instrumental with our analysis of France's data. We are also grateful to Virginie Masserey, Jean-Luc Richard and Christian Schaetti of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), who were incredibly generous with their time and data. A number of experts in Portugal provided us with their time and insights. We would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution - Dr. Alexandre Lourenco, Prof. Helena Cortez-Pinto, Dr. Joao Goulao, Luis Mendao, Prof. Paulo Ferrinho and Pedro Pita Barros. This project was supported by Gilead Sciences.