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Can we successfully adapt to four degrees of global warming?: Yes, no and maybe. ..

JP Palutikof, J Barnett, DA Guitart

Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a Hot World | Earthscan | Published : 2013


Although global average warming of 2°C has been identied as the threshold for dangerous climate change, it is increasingly becoming clear that current mitigation efforts will miss this target by a substantial margin (Betts et al., 2011; Stafford Smith et al., 2011). Even if we contemplate ‘overshoot’ emissions trajectories, stabilization at or below 2°C is beginning to look like an impossible dream. Although we may hope for a world in which warming will be limited to 2°C or less, we should certainly plan for more, including average warming of 4°C by the end of this century. .. a Four Degree World. In this chapter, we explore the potential for humanity to adapt to a world in which temperature..

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