Book Chapter

'A challenging task': Political economy in/of the urban age

B Gleeson

Challenging the Orthodoxy: Reflections on Frank Stilwell's Contribution to Political Economy | Published : 2014


The arrival of an 'urban age' is trumpeted by global institutions and, increasingly, by popular and expert commentary. The heralds announce an era of new human possibility, of vast creative and economic potential liberated by urbanization. The banners of 'revolution' (Brugmann) and 'triumph' (Glaeser) have been unfurled by the leading exponents of new urban enthusiasm. And yet this dawn chorus neglects the darkening clouds of reaction and threat that gather on the new urban horizon. The gloom of recrudescence contrasts with the bright motif of revolution. In knowledge and 'expertise', graves thought closed are reopening: positivism and its kindred ideologies (scientism, naturalism, and empir..

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