Conference Proceedings

Theoretical Inapplicability of Regionalism

F HASSAN POUR, MB Lewis, Q Guo, undefined Asghar Montazerolghaem (ed.)

The Collection of International Congress of Imam's Descendants (Imamzadegan) | Charity Organisation | Published : 2013


Regionalism, as a counter process to internationalism through which modernism was criticised, could have been an encompassing system in analysing architectural works, if the main theorists of regionalism had not limited the scope of this theory to only modern and abstract way of designing and thinking in architecture. Some of them, like Curtis, criticises Islamic ways of cultural expression in symbolic and popular architectural designs while the other, like Frampton, only count a modern expression of regional identity in architecture as ‘critical regionalism’. The major architectural characteristics of Islamic shrines in the Qajar and more recent periods, has undergone significant changes. T..

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