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The specific proteolysis hypothesis of pemphigus: does the song remain the same?

Nicola Cirillo, Antonio Dell' Ermo, Fernando Gombos, Alessandro Lanza

Medical Hypotheses | Published : 2008


Within the last decade, a number of theories on the pathogenesis of pemphigus vulgaris (PV) have followed one another. Of these, plesminogen activation and desmoglein compensation hypotheses have been substantiated by a conspicuous body of evidence. A significant change of this scenario occurred with the discovery that autoimmunity in PV can target acetylcholine receptors and that PV serum elicits a pletora of intracellular signals. Since then, a myriad of explanations accounting for PV acantholysis have appeared in the literature. However, as revolutionary as they can be, the majority of organic theories seemed to be highly speculative. We have recently obtained evidence for a proteolytic c..

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