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A cytochrome c mutant with high electron transfer and antioxidant activities but devoid of apoptogenic effect

ZK Abdullaev, ME Bodrova, BV Chernyak, DA Dolgikh, RM Kluck, MO Perverzev, AS Arseniev, RG Efremov, MP Kirpichnikov, EN Mokhova, DD Newmeyer, H Roder, VP Skulachev

Biochemical Journal | PORTLAND PRESS | Published : 2002


A cytochrome c mutant lacking apoptogenic function but competent in electron transfer and antioxidant activities has been constructed. To this end, mutant species of horse and yeast cytochromes c with substitutions in the N-terminal alpha-helix or position 72 were obtained. It was found that yeast cytochrome c was much less effective than the horse protein in activating respiration of rat liver mitoplasts deficient in endogenous cytochrome c as well as in inhibition of H(2)O(2) production by the initial segment of the respiratory chain of intact rat heart mitochondria. The major role in the difference between the horse and yeast proteins was shown to be played by the amino acid residue in po..

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