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Fano resonances in three-dimensional dual cut-wire pairs

Xingzhan Wei, Matteo Altissimo, Timothy J Davis, Paul Mulvaney



This paper presents an experimental demonstration of pronounced Fano resonances in a remarkably simple, three-dimensional (3D) plasmonic system, composed of two groups of paired cut-wires with different sizes. Theoretical calculations using the Finite Element Method, which are in good agreement with the experiment, are provided to describe the Fano behaviour. The dependence of the Fano line shapes on the separation and offset between the two cut-wire pair units is quantitatively analyzed. The generation of Fano resonances in such nanostructures presents clear advantages over current 3D structures, because of their easier fabrication, and because the optical spectra can be easily and predicta..

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Awarded by ARC under LF Grant

Funding Acknowledgements

Access to the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) under the Technology Fellowships program is gratefully acknowledged. P.M. thanks the ARC for support under LF Grant 100100117. X.W. thanks Dr Steven J. Barrow of School of Chemistry and Bio21 Institute for assistance with dark field microscopy, and also Dr Zoran Vasic and Dr Sean Langelier of the MCN for training on the electron beam evaporator. X.W. thanks Dr Kevin Tatur for advice on the spectral fitting algorithm.