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Multi-cell opportunistic beamforming in interference-limited networks

M Wang, T Samarasinghe, JS Evans

Proceedings of the 2014 Australian Communications Theory Workshop | Published : 2014


In this paper, we consider a cellular network operating according to the classical opportunistic beamforming and scheduling scheme. In a multi-cell network, interference is the main bottleneck on the communication rate, compared to noise. In this paper, we focus on deriving the ergodic downlink sum-rate scaling law for the system of interest considering an interference-limited regime (i.e., the high SNR region). More specifically, through deriving the moment generating function of the sum-rate, we show that the ergodic downlink sum-rate scales logarithmically as the number of users grows large. This result is different from the well-known double logarithmic sum-rate growth with increasing nu..

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